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Siv Almaas (BSc, MSc) has worked as product development engineer in industry for 20 years (primarily gas burner based technology) following an initial seven years in applied university research (ultrasonic cavitation and piezoelectric transducers). She is currently director of her own company Almaas Technologies Limited with the purpose to support the development of low-carbon technology based products. Her professional involvement has included trade association work participation and product standards development (EN and ISO) through BSi.

In previous employment she has worked within an ISO9001 manufacturing environment and was part of an in-house ISO14001 implementation team. This opened up for close links with Strathclyde University including:

  • Lunch-time lecture at David Livingston Centre for Sustainability (DLCS) March 2009 “Sustainability Principle within the Commercial Environment – a win-win experience”
  • Facilitated EMS course participant industrial site-visit March 2011
  • Industry guest tutor CL955 2011/12 session (MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship, DLCS)
  • Industry guest tutor CL955 2012/13 session (MSc in Environmental Entrepreneurship, DLCS)

Details of daily function within Almaas Technologies here

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