Forthcoming Courses

Environmental Management Systems Masterclass

      Now is the time to take a big positive step for your organisation.

With the focused effort of as little as one to two weeks you can have gained the insight of Environmental Management Systems as it relates to your own organisation and be well on the way to greater leadership and business opportunities.

Alternatively you may prefer to structure delivery around a related project within your organisation.

You decide yourself the level of commitment appropriate for your business, whether it is purely improved internal management or to work towards ISO14001, EMAS or other level of certification.



Bespoke training in key areas of expertise

      Looking for specialist training?

Based on in-house experience of more than 20 years of gas appliance development and performance evaluation work Almaas Technologies can now offer rarely available training in these fields from an appliance manufacturer’s perspective

  • Gas appliance development
  • Gas quality impacts on appliances
  • Hydrogen gas appliance development
  • Product certification gas and water approvals
  • Technical standards development


Get in touch to discuss suitable dates and venue.


Course fee will depend on details of the delivery programme. Indicative pricing £880.00 per participant. Minimum 5 participants recommended.