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Passionate about the environment and our energy future ...


Almaas Technologies was established January 2012 to offer clients a high quality Consultancy and Training Service covering core area of our expertise. By clicking on the links above you can find out more about Almaas Technologies.

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Fit-for-Purpose determines True Sustainability

There is much debate and action around Environmental Issues be it Use of Resources, Emissions and Polution, or Effects of Climate Change. Having seen many examples of excessive drive towards minimising resource use in products and services leading to wasteful practices or un-intended negative effects Almaas Technologies pursues the mantra that it is Fit-for-Purpose that determines True Sustainability.


The links in the menu above offer just a small selection of the courses we can offer, these are part of a growing portfolio of courses and programmes. Courses can be run to a standard format or adapted to organisational needs. Feel free to contact us for further details.


The future of gas grid, gas appliances and hydrogen technologies is currently the focus of our work, but don’t let this restrict your reasons to get in touch.